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8-11-2002 Buzz Indexes Collector closed

Jeskola Buzz 1.2
(www.buzzmachines.com, www.buzzformat.com, www.buzzxp.com, www.jeskola.net)

This site is obsolete, There is no need to collect indexes here, because www.buzzmachines.com and www.buzzxp.com do it much more better

For new indexes please visit this sites
www.buzzmachines.com index section
www.buzzformat.com uploaded indexes
www.buzzXP.com Indexes downloads

There is full of possible keys for Buzz machines sorting:

1. Technical viewpoint
2. Musicial viewpoint
3. Personal preferences
4. Stability and release(beta,final)
5. Mix of these 4 and all others

By sharing indexes of all users, we can increase a Buzz usabilty and Power.

You can use Some-E Buzz Indexer 2.0 for index editing (you can find it on Ladproject site or on buzzmachines.com)

So if you have made your own index.tx or you have done inovating change or you think your index.txt is interesting, please visit link above.


Research what do you thinks about this persons?

1870 comments jeskola from www.jeskola.net
0 comments mva from www.buzzmachines.com
0 comments djlaser from www.buzzxp.com
0 comments kooper from kooper.mysteria.cz
0 comments lad from ladproject.cjb.net
0 comments ekral from ekral.czweb.org

Old uploaded indexes - mainly obsolete (see the date)

various artists index

various artists

A mixture of XionD\'s and older indexes ...

Extract with folder names and copy the files to the appropriate Buzz folders.

You need the latest Overloader 1.5K (get it from IRC EFnet #Buzz)
I changed the image in the \'plurimg\'-file to a larger, simple black one
and added some terms to the \'plur\'-file.

There may be some machines and tools you do not have - simply delete or place
a comma behind them. I was too lazy too do that. Modify it to your pleasure.
Ekral commented index example (not regular index) ekral
This is not regular index.txt. This is only example how you can add simple comments/info into your index.txt. Please read readme.txt. (example for advanced users) http://ekral.czweb.org
update: ladproject\'s inde[XP] 29-11-2002 + documentation Ladproject
Inde[XP] hugely fixed and updated. Put it in your Buzz/Gear folder, then load Buzz and see the XP power..
XionD IndeX v0.1 XionD
This is the Buzzmachines pack index. It has no listed beta machines etc and is made specifically for the pack. This index will be updated often and a full listing index (XionD IndeX vF.1)will be available soon that includes beta machines and machines no longer available.XionD http://www.webone.com.au/~xiond/
ladproject's inde[XP].txt (9.11.2002) + documentation Ladproject
Before use the ladproject's index[XP].txt, please read -carefully- the documentation incuded in the ZIP! If you traslate the index[XP] in your language (french, spanish, finnish, czech, deutsch..) and you want to see it published on this page, please email Ladproject thanx..
index.txt from kooper.mysteria.cz KooPer
The most known advanced index.txt for Buzz. Beware, it contains alpha preleases. http://kooper.mysteria.cz


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